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Summer Smoked Turkey


Smoked Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Smoke a big juicy turkey for July 4th–show your independence!!!

Try this Cherry Wood Smoked Turkey stuffed with quartered oranges.

Or this Hickory Smoked Turkey by Chris N.

We have a great Smoked Turkey Video that is not to be missed.

See Turkey Tips by Scott Wallace too!

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Lazy Man’s Smoked Chickens by rmwtsou


This is an easy way to get that smoked flavor in already cooked chicken!

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Smoked Salmon Candy by Mark S.

salmon Mark shore 9-13-15

“I just got done packaging about 28 pounds of Salmon candy. My 1500 is a work horse.

Clean salmon, fillet, pull pin bones, remove skin.


2 pounds of dark brown sugar, 1 1/3 cup of pickling salt, 1 quart of raw honey, 1 quart of real maple syrup.1/2 gallon of water.

Cut salmon lengthwise in strips. Submerge all strips in brine.

Refrigerate 48 hrs. Air dry 24-36 hrs.

Smoke at 160°F with 3 oz of alder.

Check after 3 hours and see if it is your desired texture.”


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Dan’s Fantastic Smoked Salmon

salmon Dan

6 – 8 pounds Salmon Filets
4 cups Brown Sugar
1 cup Non-Iodized Salt
1 cup Honey
Alder Wood Chips

“Now here is a way to make authentic smoked salmon, using an old traditional Alaskan method!

Use boneless Salmon filets, preferably Red, King or Silver Salmon (Sockeye, Chinook or Coho) if you can get it. Atlantic salmon will work, but not as desirable. Avoid Pink (Chum) Salmon altogether as it is just too oily. Remove the skin and cut the fillets into about 1-1/2” thick strips, the vertical length of the fillet. Think “jerky” as you cut the strips, because that is essentially what you will end up with. Please note you can use larger pieces, even up to a meal size portion that would be 2 to 3”s thick and it will work just fine. Strip size is really a preference call. I personally like the jerky size. Trust me; it won’t last long around the house!

Mix the brown sugar and salt together. Use a non-metallic deep plastic container or large bowl. The objective is to generously coat all surfaces of the fish pieces with the brown sugar-salt mix. Note that no water is added. Cover the container and let sit about three hours in the fridge. Open the container and mix the fish around to ensure all surfaces are in contact with the brown sugar-salt mix. Do not drain any liquid. Recover and leave in the fridge about 18 to 24 hours total. The brown sugar-salt mix is actually pulling the water out of the fish and providing the first stage of preservation.

Once finished, lightly wash each piece and dry by pulling through the space formed between your thumb and index finger. Place each piece on a drying rack in the kitchen at room temperature. Use a table top fan to force air across the drying racks for about three hours. The fish will take on almost a translucent appearance, which means they are dry curing and ready for the smoke.

Transfer the fish to your SmokeinTex smoker racks. Use a generous amount of Alder wood, the traditional wood for salmon smoking. Set the smoker for 165° F and smoke for about 6 hours. You will need to add Alder wood once or twice as needed. Melt the honey in a cup in the microwave. Now brush the honey on to each piece of fish and continue in the smoker for about an hour, to form a glaze. Some folks also add other spices such as cracked pepper, garlic, etc. Some also either add pure maple syrup to the honey, or substitute it for the honey. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Now remove fish from the smoker and ENJOY!! While it won’t last long and is best served straight out of the smoker, you may vacuum pack and freeze for longer term storage. Unfrozen, it will keep several days in the fridge.

This dish is one of the true delicacies that can be made with your SmokeinTex smoker. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!!”

Thanks Dan.

Posted on SmokinTex Forums.


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Cherry Wood Smoked Nuts

nuts almonds pecans

Smoke batches and batches of pecans and almonds to give family and friends for gifts.

Smoke in your SmokinTex BBQ electric smoker with a handful of your favorite wood. We use cherry wood chips because of it’s delicate flavor.

Smoke at 190°F for 20 minutes then turn off and unplug your smoker and let sit 1 hour.

They are outstanding warm or room temp.

Enjoy some and give some away.


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Smoked Brisket for Turkey Day

BruteOutdoors brisket

“Smoked my first brisket in the @SmokinTex for Turkey Day!

Turned out great! Throw it in, wait 14 hrs and eat!”

From Brute Outdoors posted on Twitter.


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3-2-1 St. Louis Ribs

ribs james faircloth

“3-2-1 St. Louis Ribs.  Just outta the SmokinTex 1400. Credit to Mary Green for the rub.”

By James Faircloth

3-2-1 method of smokin ribs: 3hrs in smoker, 2hrs foiled, 1hr back in smoker.

Get your SmokinTex model 1400 electric smoker and smoke these amazing ribs!



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Boiled Eggs On The Grill?

Boiled egg dreeves
“I found myself wanting some boiled eggs, but I could never get them cooked just right. Then I decided to try my SmokinTex jalepeno holder on the grill. 325F, 30 minutes.
Eggs came out perfectly cooked, and peeled much easier than traditional boiling. Bon Apetite!” DReeves Top Senior Member, SmokinTex Forums


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Another Fine Outdoor Kitchen with SmokinTex Model 1400

builtin kurzner

“Although it has taken much longer than my wife would have liked.  I am finally in the last stages of my outdoor kitchen an have incorporated a built-in version for the SmokinTex 1400.  My son and I designed the whole unit and I wanted a built-in look for the smoker.  With inspiration from MadDog on this forum, I have incorporated the 1400 onto a frame fastened with a heavy duty stainless steel slide.  The teak surround is for aesthetics and has a door to allow the removal of the drip pan.  Under the pan and fastened to the bottom of the frame is a single sheet of stainless to pick up any drips and wipe clean.  I just wish I had room for an outdoor refrigerator, but the pass through window to my outdoor cottage has a refrigerator freezer for that. I will be installing some stainless steel tiles as a backsplash for the grill to be able to avoid smoke stains which she already complained about.”

SmokinTex Forum Member

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Apple Wood Smoked Bacon


“Here ya go bacon lovers: (complete with another teaser photo!)

This is for a 4 pound slab of pork belly (AKA pork side):

Crush: 2 Tablespoons black peppercorns
1 Tablespoon fennel seeds
2 Tablespoons Juniper berries

Add: 1/4 cup Kosher salt
2 teaspoons curing salt
1/4 cup: (your choice): maple syrup (the real stuff, not Aunt Jemima), or, brown sugar or, honey.  Or, make your own
mix of your favorites.

Spread this rub over the pork belly, lay a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme over the top (or a teaspoon of either herb, dried) along with 6 cloves of crushed garlic.

Place the pork belly in a large resealable plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap, place on a tray and refrigerate for a week, next to your beer. No need to drain any liquid that accumulates, but flip the pork belly daily.

After one week, remove from bag, rinse well under cold water to remove any of the salt and seasonings.

Smoke at 225°F degrees until it’s reached an internal temperature of 150°F degrees. ( I used apple wood chips, 1/2 were dry, 1/2 were wet)

Slice and fry.  If there is any left, slice  and wrap in saran wrap in portions that will be useful for you and freeze.  If you roll each slice in Saran wrap like a fruit roll up, it is very easy to thaw and cook later.  Freeze whatever portion you don’t intend to use within the week.  Should keep frozen for several months, if you can stay away from it that long!!!

I’ll be smoking a 10 pounder in a couple of weekends; if anyone is interested, I’ll share the results.



Posted on SmokinTex Forums by member Jfsjazz.

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