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Brisket Smoked In Peach Paper by Mark Shore

Peach Paper Brilsket

“This is a Snake River Farms Wagyu black label brisket. Probably the nicest brisket I’ve ever handled. Really flexible.

I used a new brisket rub for the first time. Oakridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket Rub. It’s pretty good. Has coffee in it. No MSG and not much sugar.

I smoked with pecan chunks at 225°F. in my SmokinTex 1500 smoker.

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By Mark Shore

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SmokinTex Model 1500 by Jack Rawlings

“Thank you for your information and advice on your product. I replaced the switch in my smoker and after cleaning it with Brasso and steel wool, it looks great and cooks great. The meatloaf was perfect. Being one that appreciates a great product, I put together a 2-minute promotion video showing it off. I wanted it to meet your approval and post it on your social media sites, if you want.

In the first few seconds you can see how rough the smoker looked before I cleaned it. It sat outside in a back yard for two years. The cover had worn off and between my travels it took a beating. I was wondering if it had any use left in it. I was amazed how easy it is to maintain and how well it cleaned up. It will not be neglected like that again.” Jack Rawlings

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Smoked Bluewing Teal Duck

1/2 Cup Salt
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 T Allspice
4 Bay Leaves
A few Thyme Sprigs
Some Black Peppercorns

“Add all to a large pot and fill 3/4 full with cold water and bring to a boil.

Remove from heat and let cool completely.
Pour cold brine into a container with the Teal duck and
refrigerate for 24 hours.

After being in the brine for 24 hours rinse off birds and pat dry.

Spray the birds with cooking spray (like Pam) and season with a base rub of sal,t pepper and garlic.

Then hit them with a top coat of your favorite bbq rub all over the Teal.

I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with the SmokinTex 1400 electric smoker. This thing has preformed for me every time.

Anyway smoke these little guys at 250°F with pecan wood.

Every so often spray the birds down with cooking spray. This will help give them color, and crisp the skin.

I glazed my birds at an internal temp of 145°F with spicy bbq sauce and let them smoke for an additional 10 min to set the glaze.

Depending of how rare you like your birds you can cook to and internal temp of anywhere between 145°F-160°F.

Rest the meat for 10-15 mins and enjoy.”

From Tom Schroers

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Turkey Tips from SmokinTex


  • Always use remote probe thermometer. Cook until the breast reads 165°F or thigh reads 180°F.
  • Turkey is usually done if the internal temperature of the turkey rises to within about 5 to 10 degrees of desired finish temperature and temp does not increase over the course of the next 45 minutes then remove and check.
  • Brining over night in a salt water solution will provide a juicier turkey. But if you have never brined before go easy on the salt.
  • Cooking whole or half turkeys breast side down will allow the juice and fat to drip through the breast for a juicier turkey.
  • Spraying your turkey with Pam prior to smoking will improve golden coloring. Can also be rubbed with butter, or olive oil. Adding a bit of paprika will help as well.
  • Adding corn starch to any rub will firm up and improve texture of skin.
  • Removing entire breast from whole turkey and then slicing horizontally will improve slicing.
  • Try smoking just breast with skin on making sure to get seasoning/rub under skin. Often get a better penetration of both smoke and seasoning. Just be certain to wrap and place fat on top.

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Ribs Ribs Ribs!

On our SmokinTex Forums there are a lot of great tips and info on smoked ribs.
SmokinTex Forum member KateD posted this great picture of how she coils her St. Louis ribs using bamboo skewers. Genius!
See more from KateD here.
See our SmokinTex Newsletter Section and get more great smokin recipes and tips here.
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Pork Shoulder Smoked with Sugarcane and Oak Wood

Smoked Pork Shoulder

Chef Amy Sins of New Orleans smoked this nice pork shoulder in her SmokinTex 1400.

Chef Amy smoked 3 pork shoulders for 19 hours with dried sugarcane and oak wood.
She says, ” We grow sugarcane. I cut it into 4 inch pieces. It is best when dried because fresh can make the inside (of the smoke box) a little sticky. Both ways give a sweet and grassy flavor.”

We met Amy last year at the Louisiana Restaurant Association show. She is a busy chef with Langlois, radio, writing cookbooks and she is also very involved with her community.

You can find more on Chef Amy on Instagram and her website here.
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Smoked Tri-Tip by Chef Sandy

Barbecue Rub:

4-5 pounds of tri-tip
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/4 cup granulated honey or raw sugar
2 Tbs fresh ground pepper
1/2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp cumin
Combine seasoning mixture and rub on roasts. Wrap and refrigerate 4-24 hours. 1 hour before smoking, remove roasts from refrigerator to get them closer to room temperature.

Prepare your SmokinTex with 1-2 oz cherry or your favorite wood. Add roasts to smoker and smoke at 225°F until desired doneness.

My tri-tips reached 115°F in less than 2 hours. This was perfect, as I knew they would continue cooking, plus my plan was to finish the tri-tips on the grill just before serving.

At this point, the roasts can be held for up to two hours, if desired, before quick-searing on the grill for a darker crust. If you need to hold longer, use the refrigerator.

To finish the tri-tip, sear on a very hot grill for 4-5 minutes per side until nice grill marks and “sizzle” appear.

Using your SmokinTex smoker will insure that this taste cut of meat is juicy and tasty. It’s perfect served hot or thinly sliced for sandwiches later.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

SmokinTex wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with family and friends! We are thankful for you our great customers!

Here are some great smokin recipes to inspire you to make this Thanksgiving the best!
Our SmokinTex Recipe Section is full of menu ideas and you don’t have to smoke a turkey. There are plenty of other options like Smoked Spiral Ham or Orange Stuffed Smoked Chicken!
See more turkey tips by Scott Wallace here.
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Beef Short Ribs by Ben P.


4 Beef Short Ribs


1/2 Cup Worcestershire Sauce

3/4 Cup Apple Juice

1 Garlic clove crushed

Dad’s Rub

Small Large Giant
Season Salt 1 T. 1 C. 2 C.
Lemon Pepper 1 T. 1 C. 2 C.
Onion Salt 1/2 tsp. 2 2/3 T. 1/3 C.
Celery Salt 1/2 tsp. 2 2/3 T. 1/3 C.
Cayenne Pepper 1/4 tsp. 1 1/3 T. 2 2/3 T.
Black Pepper 1 tsp. 1/3 C. 2/3 C.


“This recipe takes a bit more care so be prepared to be around the smoker with a good book and beverage for an afternoon.

Smother the ribs in mustard and coat the ribs in rub as desired. I like a lot of rub on these ribs so that it gets a nice bark.

In a Ball jar, mix the Worcestershire sauce, apple juice and about a tsp or so of rub. This will serve as your mop.

Place the ribs in the smoker at 225°F for 3 hours. Baste with the mop every 15 minutes after the first 45 minutes of smoking.

Remove from the smoker and wrap the ribs in foil and add the remainder of the mop in the packet. Place the packet back in the smoker for 2 more hours.

Remove from the smoker and serve with plenty of coleslaw and potato salad!”

By Ben P.

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Reverse Seared Smoked Ribeyes

SmokinTex Smoked Steak

“I’ve been wanting to give this a try for quite some time and I’m so glad I finally did!
I started with a couple of choice ribeyes, seasoned liberally with kosher salt, black pepper, and granulated garlic. I let them sit for a few hours to draw in the salt and seasoning.
After letting them come up to room temperature on the counter, I put them in my SmokinTex 1400 with only about an ounce of hickory chips @225°F. I smoked the steaks until they reached an internal temp of 110°F. After that I let them rest while heated up a grill to about 600°F.
I brushed the steaks with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)  on both sides and seared them on the grill for about a minute to a minute and a half on each side, and then resting them under foil with a pat of compound butter over the top.
The steaks came out perfect! I don’t think we’ll ever just grill a steak ever again without smoking them first. It was better than any steakhouse steak I’ve ever had, and this wasn’t even prime meat.
I put a couple of cobs of corn in the smoker along for the ride, and they turned out great also.”

By Draper73, SmokinTex Forum Member.

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