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Spotlight on Diana

Our beloved Office/Sales Manager, Diana, is a valuable member of the SmokinTex team. She says, “My main duty is keeping the guys in line and reminding them who is in charge ha ha!”

 We get many emails from customers commenting on her great Texas accent, her helpful manner and pleasing customer service.

“We have a motto here at SmokinTex, we are certainly not the biggest outfit in the business, but customer service is usually not a function of corporate magnitude. Just as we are unique individuals so are our customers and their needs. So we make sure each order is filled and shipped to the very best of our ability,” says Diana.

She says, “The most frequently asked question by our customers is, ‘Where do the 2 black pieces of metal go?'” She assures that they are only for packing and shipping.

Born and raised in McKinney, Texas, where she still lives, Diana loves riding her horse Sammy. She adds, “You gotta love that country living.” Her daughter, Jaime, has blessed her with three wonderful grandsons, Lane, 15, Cody, 13, and Levi, 5. Much of her time is spent on soccer fields, basketball courts and football fields. In case you didn’t know football is real BIG in Texas.

She smokes at least 10 briskets a month along with 5 or 6 pork shoulders. She says, “We can always think of a special occasion. We never have a problem celebrating happy birthdays, happy anniversaries, happy Tuesdays, happy Sundays and so on.”

Diana is looking forward to attending the annual dove hunt in early September. Here is a family favorite snack she makes with the doves.

Bacon Wrapped Dove Breasts

Depending on how good of a shot you are depends on how many snacks you can make.

dove breasts

1/2 bacon slice for each

sliced mushrooms about 1/4″ thick

black pepper

tooth picks


1 oz. apple wood chips

Remove meat from the breast bone which is easily peeled off by using your thumb. Cut connective tissue with knife.

Season dove meat lightly with pepper. Lay a mushroom slice on each breast half. Wrap each with half slice of bacon.

Secure bacon wrapped breast with a tooth pick or put several of them on a skewer.

Smoke for about 1 hour at 225 degrees F in your SmokinTex smoker.

They make an excellent little snack to munch on. This makes good eatin’!

Thanks, Diana, for all you do.


Hooray for Smoked BBQ

BBQ and Carcinogens

According to the BBQ Snob we are in luck with our obsession with smoked meats and BBQ!

“Does all of that black stuff cause cancer?”. That’s the question that was posed to me by a friend when I couldn’t shut up about the merits of a robust crust on a slice of brisket. I’ve always known that BBQ was not the healthiest of meal options, but does a well smoked brisket cause cancer? This required some research.

Every year around Memorial Day, reporters jump on the annual backyard barbecue buzz-kill bandwagon of telling the general public that their charred hot dogs will send them to an early grave. This is because meats cooked at a high heat create heterocyclic amines or HCA’s when the creatine in the meat is subjected to the fire. This creates the HCA-rich burnt crust on the meat, and this is further exacerbated by flare-ups from fat dripping into the fire. The National Institutes of Health put out their eleventh edition of the “Report on Carcinogens” where they identify elements known to cause cancer, and HCA’s are on their ominous list. Cecil Adams has a good explanation of the report here.

So are we Texas BBQ aficionados at a higher risk of cancer because of our passion? I’m no doctor, but I can tell you that the first line of defense is cooking temperature. The definition of “low and slow” cooking is using low temperatures created with indirect heat, with an ideal smoking temp is 225-250. The “Report on Carcinogens” notes that the main method of reducing HCA formation is to keep the cooking temperature below 392 degrees. Between the low cooking temp and the indirect heat, the risks of HCA formation is greatly limited. Even better news is that drinking beer actually inhibits the body’s ability to accumulate HCA’s even if you’re chowing down on burnt bits. So turn down the heat, crack open a beer, and keep enjoying those well formed crusts on your favorite smoked meat.

From the BBQ Snob posted on 2/26/2009



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