Cleaning your SmokinTex Smoker

We all love our SmokinTex smokers and want to keep them around for many years to come.

When not in use always cover your smoker to keep the effects of the sun and rain/snow/ice from damaging the unit. has great heavy-duty all weather covers that fit each size smoker.

Order one to fit your smoker online here – it’s easy.

You can put corks in the top and bottom hole to keep debris and critters out.

But to keep your smoker in tip-top shape roll your smoker into your garage or shed.

Cleaning your SmokinTex smoker is pretty straight forward.

You can place the grills and the side rails in the dishwasher, or soak them in a pail with hot water and spic and span mix.

Clean the inside of the oven with any soft type cleanser and hot water.

But it really is not necessary.

Just wipe down the interior with a rag and hot water.

The seasoning needs to remain for that great smoky flavor we all love and strive for.

The only area to be cautious is where the back meets the sides and top. This is not sealed and you do not wish to force any chemicals into that seam.

There is a thermo-coupler (temperature sensor/regulator) in the middle rear of the oven. You can spray this with a little Simple Green and then again rinse well with hot water and a rag.

Everybody enjoy your SmokinTex smoker!