Cleaning and Care for your SmokinTex Smoker

The smoker needs to be shut off and unplugged and cool inside and out before you start.

First of all, aluminum foil is your friend. Line the bottom of the smoker (punch a hole so that the juices flow easily into the drip pan), the top of the wood box and even the drip pan with aluminum foil. Some people even put a double layer so that after smoking simply remove the top layer of foil and throw it away. This way you don’t have to worry if you forget to line it or run out of aluminum,  etc. Clean up is easy by just throwing away a layer of aluminum.

You can put the grills and side rails in the dishwasher. Some folks just get a big plastic tub and put the grills and side rails in it, spray a cleaner on them and spray water on them later…works just as well.

The smoke box just needs to be emptied after each use, again, never try to do this until the smoker is completely cooled down.

Now for the inside. Never ever use a caustic agent inside because you could damage the heating element or the thermostat. Use a warm damp rag to wipe out the inside. Be careful around the thermostat which is located in the middle of the back of the smoker. Be sure to remove any debris from around the thermostat and the heating element. Let air dry and you are done cleaning!

Other items:

Put a little oil on the hinges of the door every couple months. The outside can be cleaned with just a damp rag or a stainless steel cleaner. Always unplug the smoker when not in use. A cover for the smoker is a must when its not in use to keep it in tip top shape and stop dust or anything else from getting inside through the smoke hole on top.